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Upcoming surgery

From: John, Scotland
Date: 17 Oct 2000
Time: 17:05:20
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I'm due to have surgery on Fri 27th Oct at HCI International Medical Centre in Glasgow. It may be resurfacing or metal-metal replacement.......the doc will know when he opens me up. I have been told that most patients have a 90% of having resurfacing performed....... my hip looks like a rottweiler had it for breakfast and so I am only a 50% chance. Still that's life. I'm 33 and have been told that my left hip looks like that of a 80-90 year in the old dog yet though. It hurts like hell at times but if all goes according to plan I'm golfing at Loch Lomond the day before (once in a lifetime can't pass it up). It'll help take my mind off things. The right hip had a conventional ceramic-poly replacement 4.5 years ago. This site is a great help for us hippies. The stories, info and words of encouragement help us all. I'll be back over the coming months.......... roll on a pain free, limp free existance...... good luck to everyone whose going under the knife soon.

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