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Re: Total Hip Replacement

From: Donna
Date: 19 Oct 2000
Time: 00:32:14
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Well, Hi, Donna. No, my Doctor did not tell me every surgery is different, but I figured that out without being told. What he did tell me is that I would be back to work in 6 weeks to 8 weeks, and I believed that and I told my work that I would be back in 6 to 8 weeks. My Doctor is a specialist and knows what he is doing, so I guess when he opened up my side he figured he'd give me the cementless surgery, but even right after surgery he did not tell me he game me this type of surgery. He explained later that because I was young, he wanted to give me that surgery. I was told by the Doctor that I was only allowed 30 percent weight bearing on the new hip for 6 weeks, than I could go to 60 pounds on new hip. The lady in the bed next to me had a cement hip and she was allowed 40 percent of weight bearing, and was told that at 6 weeks she could drive a car, and walk without a cane. The reason I had hip surgery is because I had originally broken my hip at work and it healed, but the blood flow around the neck started collapsing, so I needed to have a total hip put in. Nothing at all to do with damange to hip or muscle tone. Thanks for trying to help, but that is not my situation. You sound like your doing great. Keep up the good work. Bye for now. Donna

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