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From: Donna
Date: 19 Oct 2000
Time: 23:33:48
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I am just glad to hear of someone being able to do the things they use to do. I hear some people try to tell me things that I know are not true, and that had me upset. I want to get well, not listen to someone exagerate the truth. Anyways, when I return to work, whenever that will be, I will be walking everywhere, bending, stooping, etc., so I need to do everything the correct way so I will be able to work and not ever (I hope) have to have this surgery again. I have heard of so many people saying they walked out of the hospital without a cane, or they crossed their legs at six weeks, and that is just asking for another surgery. Thats stupid. I walk daily on my walker, and we are trying to see if I can use a cane, and I go to the pool for therapy three times a week, than I go to regular therapy three times a week. At home, I walk everywhere I can, and try to do some housework, and of course look at the computer, than I do crafts alot. That relaxes me. I also do sewing, embrodery work, and0 some cooking, and the wash. It would be a lot easier if I didn't have a walker. I am just doing what I am told to do. I told my Doctor and my physical therapist what I heard from a couple of girls on the internet, and he said the same thing I thought. They are just asking for pain down the lane.

Talk to you later. Donna

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