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From: Donna
Date: 20 Oct 2000
Time: 23:02:25
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Dear Pres: I went to therapy today and I am feeling better and better when I walk on the cane. I keep asking if I can use the cane all the time since I only have four weeks till I go to my Doctor to start walking normally and getting prepared to be a human again. My therapist says go ahead and use the quad cane at home, than the nurse from my Doctor calls and tells me not to use the quad cane till she talks to the Doctor. It gets kind of confusing what I am suppose to do and what I am not suppose to be doing. I know my Doctor wants me to take it easy since I have a habit of over doing exercise, but I am ready and yet I can't start walking without the walker till my Doctor says o.k., you can weighbear on both legs. I guess being careful is nice, but I sure would like to drive the car and return to work and be doing all my housework and getting ready for the holidays. I know, complain, complain. Hope everything is still going o.k. with you. I was talking to another lady at therapy who had the cementless hip surgery and she can do everything now, and its been five months. When you bend down to pick up something at work, is there a certain way your suppose to do that without hurting your hip?

Talk to you later.


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