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Re: Core Decompression hip

From: Jeanne
Date: 24 Oct 2000
Time: 13:00:02
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Core decompression is diagonal drilling through the femur to the head and removing the center (core) of the bone. The hope is to increase blood flow. I have AVN with no apparent cause. This surgery is used as a precursor to THR. Supposedly it can eliminate the need for THR if successful or at least prolong the need. I was eager to try it because I just couldn't believe that I had been healthy and all of a sudden I needed a THR?

Around the end of March 2000 I began with discomfort (the kind that makes you want to snap at people, but no excruciating pain). I ignored it for a while. By the time I decided it had lasted too long, had an x-ray (which showed nothing) and an MRI which showed the head of the femur turning to powder because of AVN, surgery took place Aug. 9. I was told this is used for Stage 1 & 2 advancement. Immediately following an overnight stay in hospital I felt better (other than post op pain for day or so). I had spinal anesthesia. First 2 weeks non-weighbearing, 2nd 2 weeks 15% weight, next 2 weeks 75% weight, use of cane at week 7 as needed. I returned to work at 7 weeks. I have stayed off my feet as much as possible. The past 2 weeks or so I tried a little shopping. I could not stay on my feet for any amount of time. The pain became so intense I felt like I would not make it back to my car. I have a Dr. appointment next week and I HOPE this is normal (although I can not for one minute believe it is).

Hope this explains the surgery.

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