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Re: 33/THR-Too Young?

From: Donna
Date: 24 Oct 2000
Time: 23:10:16
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Tim: I read your article, and I would imagine you are quite concerned. Why Doctors say your too young, is a mystery to me also, but when I first broke my hip, my Dr. did not give me a total hip, just repaired the broken hip. He said he likes to try and keep the patient with his own hip if they can especially me being so young. Young? I was 54 at the time. I guess it could be young to a lot of people, and of course I feel young inside, just not the pain part. I had total hip surgery on August 22, and was allowed to go home on Sept 5, and told only 30 pound of weight bearing on the left side, in other words hardly any weight on the new hip for three months. I was told before surgery that I would be able to return to work in 8 weeks, and than I go to the Doctor and he tells me he will see me in three months on my walker. Needless to say, I was not going back to work as told. I find out that when they opened up my leg and hip, they figured I should have the cementless total hip, and most people who have this get to go back to work and drive and all that good stuff at six weeks. In my case, they did extensive bone grafting, and he wants me to not do the fun things till he sees that my hip is staying in place. It is still depressing, but I do one day at a time, and I have you people to talk to when I get too depressed. I use to have my mother pray for me, but she passed away ten months ago, and I sure miss her. Anyways, others are trying to take her place and I feel it must be working because I am still improving. Just stay in there, and when the pain gets so bad, than make the decision. Anyone who doesn't have to have hip surgery, don't. That is my two cents. Bye for now. Donna

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