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Re: 33/THR-Too Young?

From: Chris 35/THR right planning on the left soon
Date: 28 Oct 2000
Time: 03:09:15
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Tim I had the same problem,Drs telling me I was 2 young,I have AVN both hips also caused by steroids used to treat ulcers years ago.I am 35 now just had my THR on the right and I will be getting the left done in less then 12 months.Took me alot of searching to find a dr i was comfortable with,even had a few tell me to go on permanent disability rather then surgery???I was at the point that I could not walk more then a block without stopping,this from a person who used to run at least a mile every day.It became that I was in pain even if i wasn't doing anything. when my current surgeon took xrays he was surprised that I could walk at all let alone work full time. I had my surgery on sept,7 2000 left the hospital on the 21st. By the 30th I was up and going! Still with a cane but I was able to move pain free what a great feeling!! by the 1st week in october no more cane,I am walking unassisted and can go a mile easy now.If not for my left hip I feel I would be doing alot better.The only reason I am not getting the left done right away is I still remeber the post op pain,and the left is nowhere near whatthe right hip felt like,mostly feels stiff now,but thats how the right started so i know it will be soon.I go back to work soon but may change my mind and extend my leave to get the left one done.But I do recomend you find a surgeon now so you can get the surgery done when you want it! You will be so happy after about 3 weeks LOL.On this age has the benefit we heal quickly,I can't see the drs logic in waiting,I realize that it will have to be replaced in my lifetime.but what kind of life is it when an otherwise healthy 35 year old man is in constant pain and can't get around without help.

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