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Date: 29 Oct 2000
Time: 18:48:14
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Hi Donna, been away for awhile, so have been negligent in participating in the forum, sorry. Hope I can remember some of your questions. On the matter of Physical Therapy, I would caution to do what your Dr. says. When I had a therapist coming to the house the first few weeks, he had me doing things that my Doc did not want me doing. When we talked about it at my first return visit, the Doc was really irritated & concerned that the implant may have been damaged. Stress on the implant bond too early can appearantly loosen any bonding that has begun. At the 6 mo visit he was happy cause the x-rays showed that the bonding process was progressing. It seems that the therapists like to work on the muscles to hurry you along, but that's not what the Doc is concerned with the first few months. I am careful about how I bend & get down. I try not to ever squat, but mostly cause my knees don't like it & have a tendency to swell if I do. You might look at it this way, it took years for your joints to deterioate, so it takes a little while to come back. I know how it is, I probably was putting weight on my leg before I was supposed to. I went from crutches to walking & was able to by-pass the cane however, I kept it around, just in case....Now as long as I don't do something stupid, I think I have pretty much recovered. I want to exercise more than I do, but it seems I work long hours & just don't find the time. Need to do something though, got too much belly now, and I don't like it. Hang in there & you'll find that you'll soon be back to better than before. If you would like to exchange outside the forum, My address is " Talk to you soon!

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