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From: Donna
Date: 29 Oct 2000
Time: 22:02:39
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Hi Pres: I will try this again. I wrote once and it did not show up. Thank you for your advice. When I first got home from surgery, I was very depressed and I found this site and tried to ask some questions, and I started listening to one of the people tell me how I should be able to walk and do exercise and even cross my legs. I kept telling my therapist that why can't I do that, and he kept saying that she must be incorrect and I talked to my Dr. finally and the nurse and they explained that what I had was a very difficult surgery. When I went in the Dr. decided I was too young for a cement surgery and gave me the cementless surgery, but what I didn't know is I had a lot of bone grafting. In fact, I didn't know it til about a week ago, and my Dr. and his nurse wanted to know where I got all this information about doing exercises and everything for a cementless surgery. They suggested I quit writing to that person, which I did after I heard that her Doctor said she could cross her legs at six weeks. I just couldn't figure out how some of people returned to work so early and had no pain and on and on, and I had all this pain and couldn't be off a walker for three months. I guess having the Avascular Necrosis, than the bone grafting is the reason. Most people are in surgery for a hour or so, and I was in surgery for 5 hours and in recovery for 5 hours. (they would let me out of recovery until I wiggled my toes and I told them while I was unconscious that I was too tired.) I guess my husband wanted to come in and strangle me. Oh, well, he just can't take a joke.

Anyways, when you went from cane (?if you did) to work, how long did that take you? A month, two months, a week? Also, once you returned to work, how do you sit at your desk, if you have one, and bend over to the bottom drawer?? Just curious about a couple of things. They(the therapist) said that down the road I can also take a bath, can you do that yet? Well, I will let you go. See what happens when you don't write back for awhile? Especially when your writing to someone who is home and bored all day? Talk to you later. Donna

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