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Re: Congenital Hip Dysplasia Missed Until Age 20

Date: 02 Nov 2000
Time: 14:40:07
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Hello Heather, I was also born with hip displasia and was not discovered until 6 months ago. I am 48 yrs old. I walked in terrible pain for many years contributing it all to a bad back. I finally insisted on x-rays and my family Dr. could not believe his eyes. WHat a mess for a hip he said. How could have walked around like this for so long?? I guess I have a high tolerence for pain. Over the years you just learn to cope and adjust your lifestle. Surgery!! I am sure most readers out there were also terrified. As was I. Be sure your Dr. is reputable and the hospital. Do some research and ask thousands of questions. Afterall this is YOUR future and health. For me the surgery was not painful afterwards. My Dr. Attached a MARCANE pack to my operated hip it slowly dripped pain killers into the incision. I was walking down the hall less then 24 hrs after surgery with a walker. I had only 5 pain pills the entire time and then mainly for muscle spasms. At 6 weeks I went back to work part-time. I also drove at 6 wks. I walked unaided 8 wks . It is not an easy surgery or recuperation there are many restrictions until 6 wks, My hospital had a 1/2 day seminar educating a roomful of us waiting for surgery. It helped tremendously for myself and family. They showed us how to sit, lay ,go up and down steps, shower and put on socks. They showed my family how to help with PT and how imortant it is. So please take your time and find the best Dr. and hosptal this is so important. Keep us posted Good luck....kls

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