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Re: Total Hip Replacement

From: Donna
Date: 03 Nov 2000
Time: 01:31:12
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Hi Pat: It is very nice hearing from you. Like I always say, there is a lot of nice people on this forum and if you have a problem or are afraid, just speak up. It helped me when I first started the recovery process and I still have a long way to go even though it has been ten weeks and 3 days since surgery. Just hang in there and maybe you will have a easy time like a lot of the people have. I have had a hard time, but what can you do? I took myself off vioxx six days ago because I did not like the weight gain (6 pounds) and I have lost that but got almost all the pain back that I had right after surgery so I guess I will go back on vioxx. I don't like pain. When I am not on the pain, I wake up every three hours with legs cramps and foot cramps and pain in the crotch area, just like before surgery. That does upset me, because my Dr. promised that the pain in the crotch area would go away right after surgery. Wrong... The nurse said the pain is from all the nerve damage, and it is going to be one of the questions I ask him when I go into my visit on the 20th. Now don't pay any attention to me, I just love to complain and tell the truth, which sometimes people don't like but I wish I'd been told the truth before surgery. I understand why I wasn't told the truth now, but it still is not fun to be at almost 11 weeks and still be on a walker. Like I said, I guess there is reasons for everything, and I figure God is teaching me something... Just ask your Dr. a lot of questions, like cemented or cementless? Bone grafting? Rehab afterwards, which I recommend. If the Dr. tells me my bone grafts are o.k. on the 20th, I'll find out exactly what comes next and only do what the Dr. tells me to do. Anyways, hang in there. Everything will go as it should.


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