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Re: Pain recurring 5 months post-op

From: phil
Date: 04 Nov 2000
Time: 21:49:21
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my name is phil im 40 and have had 3 total hips 2left and one right and 1 total shoulder due to avn(steroids).my 1st one failed shortly after my right was replaced although there was no xray evidence.i was popping vicoden like candy,naturally the dr thought i was just complaining for the drug buzz.but after about a year of pain killers there was finally a sign on xray although very small that there might be a problem,it was my call to go after a revision and i never hesitated.after the surgery my surgeon came to me and apologized and said the prosthesis slid out with just hand strenghth and he was afraid he might have to break the femur.well needless to say my calls for constant refills were justified

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