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Re: Pain recurring 5 months post-op

Date: 05 Nov 2000
Time: 00:10:37
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Phil, Thanks for responding to my plea for help. My doctor insist everything is fine on xray and the nurse thinks I am addicted to darvocets. I would like nothing better than to never take another pain pill. Could you give me a little more detail on the revision as to why it came out so easy. I have a non cemented stem and metal on metal implant. I felt better at two months than I do now. Were your pains sharp and shooting like mine? What showed up on the xray that signaled a problem? My surgery was done in Austin TX. Where do you live? I am a remodeling contractor and need my hips to make a living. I hate to think about a revision but will not hesitate if thats what it takes. Thanks for replying, Mike

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