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Am I the Only One? Partial HR After Femoral Neck Break

From: Teresa
Date: 06 Nov 2000
Time: 18:41:02
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In Jan. 99 I slipped and fell on ice, fracturing the femoral neck of my right hip. (I'm a 47-year-old female; no osteoporosis or disease, just rotten luck.) The orthopedic surgeon said the ONLY alternative was to replace the hip, since the femoral neck was broken all the way through. However, the surgeon did a PARTIAL hip replacement (no "cup")with uncemented stem. Her explanation: Since I had an otherwise healthy hip socket and was younger, the partial replacement and uncemented method should increase the lifespan of the prosthesis and give me "better overall results."

I'd love to be able to "compare notes" with someone else in my shoes, but I've never come across a similar case on this "Totally Hip" site or anywhere else, for that matter. I never felt that I got the best outcome from the surgery. I've continued to experience thigh, groin, and lower back pain plus walk with a limp. Now--1-3/4 years after the surgery--doctor (not the one who did the surgery) says X-rays show that my bone grew into the lower part of stem, but not the upper part (cause of the thigh pain). Plus, he says the "Partial" replacement (which means that the bare metal of the ball grinds against my own bone)is what's behind the groin pain. This doctor says that they sometimes see this kind of discomfort in partial replacement patients after 5-6 years, but for some reason it's bothered me from the start. The bottom line??? it's basically up to me to decide when the pain gets to the point to justify surgery to put in a "cup" that would make it a THR. To try to remedy the thigh pain, it would mean a replacement of the entire stem of the prosthesis, including sawing open my thigh bone to pry out the existing stem that is solidly--if only partially--grown into the bone. My thigh pain would have to get mighty unbearable before I'd consider this alternative.

I feel very isolated and alone with my problems and situation. I read about all the folks with THR due to arthritis and degenerative conditions and how happy they generally are AFTER their THR. Which is certainly not the case with me. Help!!! Is there anyone out there like me experiencing similar problems??? Or, does anyone else have advice or insights to share???

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