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Osteotomy or arthroscopy and wait for osteotomy...

From: Kristen
Date: 12 Nov 2000
Time: 22:37:51
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Hi everyone... This is my first time visiting this site but when I found it I was very happy to know and see that I was not the only one with problems in the hips. I first starting having hip pain speratically around age 16 ( i am 20 now) when I would walk long distances I would have twinges in my hip. After tons of x-rays and 3 MRI's and 6 different doctors telling me 20 different things; 4 years later a recent MRI showed a Seriously large labrum tear and a very big cyst formed in the joint of my left hip. After another x ray and seeing a very experienced doctor in New York City, it was suggested that I have an osteotomy as well as arthroscopy in order to remove the cartilage tear and the cyst. I am quite concerned about the osteotomy and whether that will cure my problem being that the cyst and tear that are assumed to be due to the major hip displaysia I have. My mother wants to do the arthroscopy to get me out of the serious pain that I am currently in with every step I take. And feels that we should put off the osteotomy because it took 16 years for the first signs to show up why not put it off and see how long it takes for it to occur again. I need some advice on whether putting it off would be the best option being that we know that the dysplasia is the cause of all the problems. Knowing that this is the cause I dont feel that we should wait for it to happen again. I would rather cure the main cause right from the start rather then going thru a surgery and then wind up having to have another one soon down the road. Please tell me any of your thoughts about this. Anyone who has had an osteotomy please tell me how it was and what the recovery was like and what sort of complications anyone has had or any successes... I need all teh advice i can get... Thanx so much Kristen

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