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Re: Ceramic on Ceramic Joint

Date: 15 Nov 2000
Time: 12:27:43
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Relative to your questions on the "Ceramic on Ceramic" THR. I live in Austin, TX and had this procedure done on Feb 17,2000. I was in a study being done by Encore Orthopedics and the surgery was done by DR. "Frosty" Moore, here in Austin of Texas Orthopedics. As that time it was still not approved by the FDA and I was about 75th. out of 500 that they will perform here in the US. I was gotten out of bed the day after surgery and I walked, placing about 70% weight on the hip. In June, I participated in an organized bike ride in Katy, TX doing 30 miles. In August, I participated in the Hotter N'Hell Hundred, a bike ride in Witcha Falls, TX where I rode 50 miles. The key to recovery is exercise and paying attention to doctors recommendations. The comparasions between ceramic on ceramic and other types of THR was dramatically shown in the recovery hospital. I had less pain and quicker recovery that others that had received currently approved THR. I'm am doing well, but am reluctant to run, for fear of putting to much pressure on the hip. My hip can be seen on my web site at I hope this reaches you and helps.

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