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Re: Am I the Only One? Partial HR After Femoral Neck Break

From: Steve....
Date: 22 Nov 2000
Time: 21:12:18
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very sorry to hear of the pain and difficulty that you have....I have also had a right femoral neck break that was completely displaced...on jan. 5 2000,I managed to fall about 9feet onto frozen ground, still holding on to the ladder that I had climbed.The break was repositioned and a dynamic hip screw was inserted,with a plate and 5 nails added to keep things in place...I left the hospital 5days later only to return that night with an apparant bleed into the major muscle in my thigh (vastus lateralus)I spent the next 2weeks in the hospital with 5 more surgeries and a large skin graft 3x15"I found out much later that I have a clotting disorder which necessatated the fasciotomy.After much PT I was improving but developed right groin pain 8wks ago and have only been able to walk short distances.I recently had an MRI which they were able to read and said it looks anvscular necrosis of the femoral head.....well no good answers yet but I've been refered to another MD who I'm told is more of a "thinker" and who is able to do hip arthroscopy which may be useful....I'm 55 and had gone running every day before my accident so I think I have a feel for what you may be as optimistic as you can,although sometimes it isn't very easy ...very best wishes for a successful resolution..steve

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