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Re: Daughter born with Congenital Hip Displasia in both Hips

Date: 23 Nov 2000
Time: 05:33:06
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My daughter was born on 10/12/99 with congenital hip dysplasia in her left hip only. Like your daughter she was put in a Von Rosen splint at 4 days old. She was in her brace for exactly 12 weeks. An x-ray at 7 months showed that her condition was now excellent, in fact we were told that her hips were now just the same as a baby who never had hip dysplasia. My daughter is currently 11.5 months old and is crawling and pulling herself up on everything. We need to have another lot of x-rays done when she has been walking for a month, which should be not so far in the distant future.

From Tracey

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