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Re: You are not alone...

From: Enrique
Date: 30 Nov 2000
Time: 14:09:08
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You are not alone. I am 45 and broke my femoral neck (righ side too)last december. I fell off my bike on hard cement. I have a prosthesis just like yours (I believe is called a "Thomsom Prosthesis"). The idea was quite the same, I had a healthy acetabulum, so why take out some healthy bone to insert a cup. My doctor also said that it would be easier to repair in case I had a 2nd accident (I keep biking...). A third tought was to give a chance to technology (5 to 7 years) when the time comes for a THR. I have some bone growing on the external upper side of the prosthesis, it does not seem to bother so far. The problem that I do have is sort of a "snap" that happens in certain moves of my leg. Two therapists thought these were caused by tendonitis or fibrosis in the "fascia" of the tendons (mainly on the inner upper leg). I checked with two orthopedists after that coincide in saying that the stem is loose... The pain (and sound, somebody can actually hear it clicking) comes from the stem sliding insidet the bone. the pain reflects everywhere in the femur because the tip of the stem is pinching the cortical tissue inside the femur. I am doing quite well with "celebrex" (200 mg, 1 per day). I donīt know how much longer can I keep it going like that. If it gets dangerous because of prolonged medication, I will have to, either cement the prosthesis or, go for a THR. Hope this helps at least knowing I am there too. Regards,


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