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Re: Hospital Stay

From: Donna
Date: 05 Dec 2000
Time: 01:02:09
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Heather, believe me I understand your concern. But, I hate to tell you but everyone is different. They did not tell me that they had to do bone grafting, so I had 3 months of down time on the walker after a week in the hospital and a week in rehab. (had total hip done on Aug 22 and just went on the cane a week ago). I have heard another girl on this site say she was walking out of the hospital, which would be wonderful if you can. So the best thing to do is to talk to your Doctor. I have a Dr. who is hard to talk to also, but eventually I found out what I wanted to know, at least I think I did. When I was scheduled for surgery I was suppose to return to work in two months, and it is now 3 months and 3 weeks and I still have awhile to go. I think the most important thing you should do is find out the precautions and stick to the correct way. I had nurses telling me I could cross my good foot over my left, and people telling me I could have showers with the stitches in, and on and on, so find out the precautions and you'll do fine. Bye and good-luck.. If you need anything else, let me know.

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