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Re: Hosptial Stay   Heather

From: Donna
Date: 08 Dec 2000
Time: 22:21:07
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I read your reply and it was so close to my own case that I wanted to write and see if you are having the pain that I am having. I had my surgery on Aug 22 and was in the hospital for 7 days and rehab for 7 days, and than I was on the walker for 3 months because of hardly any weight bearing on the leg due to bone grafting with my total hip surgery. I am on a quad cane because my Dr. is real strict on my exercises and even though the Dr. said to just be on the cane til you can walk without it and than return to work, my therapist won't let me even do exercises without the cane (as far as walking without.) He said my Dr. is real strict and wants me to do it the right way. Anyways, did you ever have the groin pain? I have tried driving lately, but I have a four speed and the lifting of the left leg to the clutch hurts, but I do it anyways. I am on pain pills and celebrex but I want to walk and drive normally and I get depressed when nothing seems to change. Your surgery was right before mine and it seems your doing good since your back to work. Let me know about the pain, o.k. Thanks, Donna

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