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Re: Orthopedic Implant Recall

Date: 27 Dec 2000
Time: 01:44:28
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Dear Carole: I was reading your article and was curious. You said you still cannot tie your shoe. How do you bend over that far to tie the shoe? I am not suppose to bend that far down, and its been four months for me since surgery. Did your Dr. tell you it was o.k. to bend down like that? If so, I would love to know. I am totally confused as to what I can do and not do still. For five weeks I have been telling the therapist that my Dr. said I could put total weight on my bad leg and he won't listen to me. Nobody listens to me. I was suppose to go back to work this week and I am still on a cane, and I am getting upset with people who don't listen to me. I say "my Dr. said to do the cane protocol, and they say, "but your Dr. said you were to not have total weigh bearing," and I said that was up on November 21, and I can now have total weight bearing. They smile. Very, very depressing when your four months past surgery and limping around on a cane. Anyways, just curious. Thanks, Donna

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