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Re: Hip infection

From: Mike in Cleveland
Date: 27 Dec 2000
Time: 22:10:59
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Karen I too had an infection after hip surgery. In June '99 I had an auto accident and my shattered acetabulum was repaired with plates and screws. It was October and my hip started to hurt real bad and I went back to my surgeon. X-rays showed AVN. I found another surgeon and a THR was scheduled for late November. Pre-op tests indicated I might have an infection. That was confirmed during surgery (staph epi - probably contracted during my first surgery), so they removed all the hardware and put in a spacer (girdlestone). I too had the PIC line and IV antibiotics for 6 weeks. My third surgery was early January '00 and the THR was a success. I'm getting around pretty well without much pain. Now I worry about infections all the time. As you said, dental work, ingrown tonail, sinus infection --- anything can get into your blood and settle on the implant. I have been on oral doxicycline since the surgery, but I still worry. When your infection is cleared up and you have another THR, your recovery will be longer because the long time you will have been non weight bearing. (I remember how the girdlestone felt spongy if I did put a little weight on it) But, you have to somehow find the strength to get through this - you have some little guys that need their mom. I have 3 young girls, 11,9 and 4, and that was my motiviation. My wife, family and friends were all great. I hope you have lots of support from family and friends. I'll keep you in my prayers - BEST OF LUCK - keep me posted!

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