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Re: Total Hip Replacement

From: Donna
Date: 28 Dec 2000
Time: 01:09:28
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I was reading your article and I can really understand your confusion and fear. I had a broken hip 1 1/2 years ago and it turned into avn and I had hip replacement on 8/22. In March before hip replacement I started with the groin pain and buttocks pain and harder and harder to walk. I was told by lots of people before surgery that this person and that person had the surgery and they are fine and so happy. Since the surgery I have found no one to talk to either. At my therapy, everyone has knee surgeries it seems. Anyways, I was in the hospital 7 days and in rehab 7 days. Rehab will probably be suggested to you since you live along. It will teach you how to dress and get to the bathroom and do the little things we take for granted. When I was in the rehab, the lady in next bed had severe knee pain and they gave her the thr and said it wasn't knee, so I guess what you have is common? You said there was a lot of bone popping? Where? Before my surgery I had popping right in the groin, and the Dr. promised no pain after surgery, but at 4 months I still can't do leg raises and driving the car that has clutch is severly painful, so I have awhile to go. I was on walker till 3 months because of bone grafting and normally most people are o.k. at 6 weeks. Keep the faith. Everyone is different. Do as your Dr. says and use common sense. Good luck.

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