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Re: pain after surgery

Date: 31 Dec 2000
Time: 02:06:47
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I just read your question and I am not quite sure what you are asking, but as far as walking with a cane or walker at 5 months past surgery, I know a some people do because I was on a walker for 3 months and I am still on a cane. I had bone grafting so I had to have to weight bearing on left hip after surgery and now they are trying to go gung ho on me in therapy and they tell me to just suffer with the pain and get better. Being the stuborn person I am, I keep complaining. I don't care what they think about where my pain level should be, I hurt in the groin. I hurt in the groin before surgery and I still do, and my Doctor promised me that pain would be gone. When I try to drive my car, and it is a stick shift, I have severe pain pushing down the clutch, but I keep doing it. If I don't try, I won't know what will really happen to me. Anyways, don't give up. Keep going and hopefully you'll be walking without assistance soon and with no pain. I know what you mean about not believing others saying they had no pain, but I now do believe them. I didn't at first, but each person is different. I figure they are the lucky ones. Bye for now. Donna

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