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Hip Story

From: Judith Reynolds
Date: 31 Dec 2000
Time: 02:23:04
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On August 15th, 1997 I had a left replacement. The three months after were long and difficult but did recover to a normal sort of life. On June 19,2000 I had to have my right hip replaced. My week after surgery was awful. I had to be monitored for breathing as I would stop during my sleep. I had to have 2 pints of blood. I suffered with sweats and headache. Was very upset and cried a lot. Very upset with nursing staff. I had to be put under general anthesia, where before and any other surgery, because of my asthma I was given a spinal with light sedation for surgery. This was very difficult for me this time. I did go to rehab for one week then went home. I had a very quick recovery after that. Went on to use a cane then I noticed my left leg was hurting above the knee and in the front of my leg. The doctor ordered x-rays and found that the cement had come loose and he said eventually I would have to have it replaced again. So now I walk with a cane permantly cause I can't put full weight on my left leg. I am heavy anyway and that doesn't help matters. Well here it is December 30,2000 and on Dec 28,2000 I had a routine visit to the doctor and he told me there was a recall on a part he used in my right hip. So it must be watched very closely. So far I have the call to say when my left gets replaced unless the doc tells me its absolutely necessary that I have it done. So I will limp around with that in mind and hope my right hip will be alright and the recall will not effect me. It is very difficult for me to get around and I am quite disappointed that my quality of life was not restored. My expectations were very high. It has been a long hard road and will be even longer now. Good luck to the rest of you and much success with your hips. I am "Staying hip in Toledo".

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