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About me and My Battle with Arthritis

From: Brenda ...January 3,2001
Date: 03 Jan 2001
Time: 14:30:06
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For about three years I suffered with pain in my hips! I knew it was something bad wrong with me,but I thought I had to work,until I got to the point I could no longer even put my shoes on,so I gave up,and on December,20,1993 I was seen by a Orthopedic surgern.I recieved the most shocking news I think I have ever been told.I was told from the looks of the x-rays and the MRI that both my hips look like a 70 year old person hips.I was ONLY 40 years old!!My right one was in the worst shape,so on January 21,1994 I had a total hip replacement on my right hip,it was BAD!!!I could have never made it had it not been for God and for my wonderful husband and son. Six months later July 7,1994 I had my left hip replaced.My whole world changed in those six months.I was bad overweight,and my doctors told me everytime they saw me that if I didn't get some of the weigh off my replacements would never last the 10 years that they were expected to last.So I knew I had to do something.I had never been one to exercise or eat right.But I knew this was serious.How I wish now I had of been!! Anyway I began trying so hard to do what I could to exercise and I began trying to eat healty foods and smaller amounts.It has been a battle but with the help of God and my husband and son we have come along way.I get real depressed at times and some days I can hardly get out of the bed,but I thank God I can get around as much as I can.The six months between my surgeries I was in a wheel chair,and I never was to be like that again. Here lately I have been worring more about my self,remember I told you it was in 1994 when I had my replacements,well you see it's been 7 years,so now I am praying to God that my hips last longer than 10 years.I just came across this site yesterday and I was wondering how long it has ben since some of you have had your replacements?Please let me know.My e-mail address is

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