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My Total Hip Joint Replacement

From: Tom Cook   (
Date: 07 Jan 2001
Time: 01:56:26
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When I was 24 I injured my hip in a motorcycle accident. I was told at that time, that in 20 years I would need a hip replacement. Well, I managed to last 22 years. But I was very lucky. For 2 years before the surgery, I was in such pain that I even considered suicide. I was going through 200 Tylenol 1 pills every three days, and two months before the surgery I was on such a cocktail of pain killers that my Surgeon was worried that I would need treatment for drug addiction after the surgery. Well, that wasn't needed as I was able to stop the pain pills almost cold turkey and was just fine. My recovery from surgery has been very steady and the only pain I get is in my thigh every once in a while, especially if I have a long day where I am required to do a lot of standing. Aside from that, I have superb joint movement and I find that as each month goes by, I have more and more movement. At one time I couldn't even cut my toenails because of the problem with movement. We take so much for granted. Anyway, I am doing great, have a new lease on life and I can't believe how this surgery has changed my life. I wish everyone who has this surgery a quick, speedy, steady, pain free recovery, and hope that you all find the success that I have had. Of course I had God in my corner and my Surgeon was absolutely wonderful. This was one of the only times I have really trusted a doctor totally. He didn't let me down. Anyway, best wishes to all !

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