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Re: Article 987

Date: 08 Jan 2001
Time: 02:50:54
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Hi, Robert. I read your article and, believe me, I can understand the "why me." I can hardly believe that you are still working with all that pain, and I hope your family understands your drive and ambition so that when you arn't working hard, they will remember how you tried to do your best. God does work in mysterious ways, and why you or me, I don't know. I was an innocent party at work, that rounded a corner, and a rug had been placed down on another rug of the same color. My boot heel struck it, and down I went with a broken hip. I thought it healed and I was happy back at work, and wam-mo, went to Dr., had an MRI, and I had avn from the fracture of a year earlier. I now have a total hip and a lot of pain, but I am praying that this too will past. My family does not understand this pain since they have not broken a hip, but they have had surgeries so they understand pain, and they are there for me. I know your family will be there for you, so hang in there. As strong as you are, you will be one of the ones walking in a couple of weeks. Just listen to your Dr., and ask questions. God bless. Donna

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