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Re: Article 987

Date: 08 Jan 2001
Time: 12:44:10
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Robert, I can sympathize with your situation. I have legg perthes disease,just as dilabating and painful. I started with pain shortly after my third daughter was born. Now, 21 yrs later I finally had THR to the right hip. I recall while I was her softball coach I could not bend over to pick up a ball that is when she was 9-10 yrs old. I chalked it up to arthritis and kept going. I worked full time and did all the lawn work. Sometime I could not finish walking the lawn mower, then 30 yrs old... Finally, after seeing myself walk down the isle during my daughters wedding did I realize I had a very real problem. So, I went to my family Dr. and INSISTED on x-rays of my hip.(I had been through the usual knee MRI years before) My Dr. was astounded to see what a mess my hip was. He could not believe I walked around like this for so many years, never mentioning it to him .Needless to say he referred me to an orthopedic surgeon and 3 wks later I had THR. Five months after my THR my second daughter got married(what a year we had). I watched myself on the video ,with pride, walk down the isle with an ever so slight limp. I slow danced at her wedding..PAIN FREE and lasted until 2:30a.m . I try to keep a positive attitude,like you I have shed many tears. When those BLUES try to steal a day from me, I thank God that I am not a cancer patient and taking chemotherapy. I thank him for giving me 3 beautiful children who will love me anyway and a patient husband. Today I can play ball with my puppy and even bend over to pick up the ball..... remember to try a little harder each day. In the end you will win !!!!!!!!!!!take care kls

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