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Hip socket fracture

From: Gabor, Budapest, Hungary
Date: 09 Jan 2001
Time: 14:06:13
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I thank you to all for your stories and sympathy, thank you for answers, for sharing problems, doubts and hopes as well. I saw this site browsing on the internet a bit depressed and I am really delighted to find this community.

I am 29 and I have had a grave accident recently. I broke my acetabulum into pieces. I was assembled with screws and a plate and the doctor said that if I would have big luck I might avoid THR. I have to have checkup monthly then every year. Is not there enough luck, the time for a THR will come one day. Anyway, there are lifetime restrictions in work, in sports, etc.

I led a quite active way of life before my accident. I used to run long distances, used to bike, ride a horse and go on excursions and my hobby was travelling. So my accident really shocked me. I did not scared of surgery but I am terrified of my future.

Surgery was like a journey - good doctors, sleeping, no pain. A large wound on my ass - very sexy. Titanium in my bone - titanium is very fashionable nowadays. But the question is always the same: what kind of life is there after the surgery? How could I resume things like sport, work, leisure? Will I ever take my bike out from the garage? Will I ever be able to travel to the parts of the world I wished to see? Will I ever be able to do a job outside of the office? God, man is not a pot plant; one does not feel all right stucked in a room.

My family, my friends did not let me down. I am very thankful for them and doctors, nurses, physiotherapists. Without their help and without some kind of expectation it would be nearly impossible to go through.

And my story:

I was in Istanbul, Turkey for business. I decided to ask my boss for a day off and stay there three days (a Friday and a weekend) more to see the famous town. I stayed alone and that was my biggest failure in my life.

I went into a bar located at the main street in the middle of the city in the evening. I drank a coke and a beer. I got a bill on $ 2000 finally. First I thought the bar crew believed that every foreigner was stupid, or could not count, or did not know the change rate. I told them I would not pay that amount. They showed then that they did want the money. A boxman- like waiter appeared from nowhere, came to me and tried to force me to give him my bankcard. I denied. He went somewhere. I stood up to go out but in the next moment all the crew was around me and tried to push me into the toilet. I realized they could even kill me. I had only one choice. I cried like an animal "help, I have no so much money". They froze and I had some moments to go out. When I was out there I started to run as fast as I could. I was running too fast. I fell down landing on my left knee on hard cement and I broke my acetabulum.

I did not realize this at that moment, of course. I took a taxi back to the hotel and from the hotel to the airport. I did not want to go into a Turkish hospital. It equals death. I was feeling very sharp pain and I was near to loose my consciousness but I came home. I was taken into a hospital and had the surgery.

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