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Re: avascular necrosis in under 35's

From: John Mc (Glasgow)
Date: 15 Jan 2001
Time: 19:12:07
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Kerry I was diagnosed witht the exact same thing as your husband when I was 24, idiopathic AVN. I suffered a lot of pain but was lucky enough to have a desk job. I tried not to change my life too much. Five a sides were out once the left hip became affected but I continued with golf and got by with most other things the best I could. I had my first hip replacement (right) when I was 28. I had some complications but was one of ther unlucky ones, the hospital didn't take precautions to prevent clotting. The hip was fine but I had blood clots on my lungs. Anyway I recovered and on Oct 25 last year I had my second replacement (left) and have completely recovered, and am back at the golf. I would recommend looking into resurfacing of the hips if your husband is a suitable candidate. Also conventional replacement which are all metal (as opposed to the polythene cup which wears out). It is hoped the metal-metal will last much longer (I hope up to 30 years). If you don't get the answers you want from your surgeon then you can have a second (or third) opinion. I am planning to go and live in the US soon so life does go on. If you have any more questions then droppme a line at I reckon I have felt and wondered most of the things you and your husband must be going through. Hope this helps some.

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