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Recalled Hip

From: Jerry Newman
Date: 04 Feb 2001
Time: 19:37:23
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I had thr done on my left hip on 7/13/00...... I was on a walker for three months after surgery. I kept complaining about groin and buttock pain to my surgeon. He just kept saying that it was taking awhile for the implant to bond to the bone.Being that I never had this done before and he was the expert I just kept taking my vicodin and continued to live with the pain... At one point he suggested that I might have bursitis.... Well we got into January and this darn thing was still giving me terrible pain.... I gave up the walker and was now on crutches.. great improvement right.. Well I had an appointment to see the good doctor an Jan. 8, 2001. At the time of my appointment he did x-rays {which he had been doing all along,just about every 6 weeks.. Lo and behold on this x-ray he sees that the implant is not bonding to the bone. At that point he shows mw a letter from a company named Sulzer, the people who made the implant... He then proceeded to tell me that they had a recall of 17,500 implants.. There was a mistake made when these things were manufactured.. I asked him what my options were and he told me that I would get an opportunity to have my surgery all over again. I am going to have the hip redone on Feb. 15, 2001. With any kind of luck and with the help of god the outcome will be totally different.. By the way this time my surgeon is going to cement it. I have also started legal action against Sulzer Orthopaedics Inc. If anyone has any questions for me about what happened you can e-mail me at Jerry Newman

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