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From: Chris
Date: 07 Feb 2001
Time: 14:56:50
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My name is Chris and I will be 15 in a few days. I was injured by a boy at school on September 9, 1999. My knee hurt really bad. My mom took me to the hospital and they said that my knee was OK, it would be better in 2-3 days. Well it wasn't so she took me to an orthopedics dr. He looked me over and said it was sprained. The next time I came back, he sent me for a MRI on my knee. There was nothing wrong. He told me to get off the crutches and it would be OK. My last visit with him was in October 1999. Mom and dad finally made me get off the crutches, but I was limping a lot my knee didn't hurt any more. In January my mom took me back to the same dr. This time he said "lets look at his hip" my mom asked him why look at it when it never hurt. He said "most of the time when a child's knee hurts it is really thier hip that is injured" We couldn't believe what he was saying. I had a hip ex-ray, that is when he noticed that it was slipped. He sent me to Children's Hospital to see a specialist. She said my hip was 75% slipped, the worst she'd ever seen. I had surgery to put a pin in it Feb. 2000. I have to see the dr. a lot to get ex-rays. The last time I saw her, Jan. 2001, she said I could finally get off my crutches. I had to get a shoe lift for my left foot first. I will be having surgery this summer. The dr is going to cut my leg bone and rotate my hip so it fits better into the socket. She told me I will never run again. I will not be able to stand for a long time or lift heavy things. She said I will be disabled and need a sit-down job. I get teased a lot at school about faking, with the crutches for so long and all. Now it is about how I walk. I can't stand up perfectly straight. I hope it will be better after my surgery. I've been wanting to get a picture of my ex-rays for a while, maybe the next time I see the dr (in march) I'll get some. Mom made a web page about what happened to me. There are pictures if you'd like to take a look and a more detailed story. She updates it every time I go to the dr. My web page

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