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Sultzer revision

From: dave
Date: 08 Feb 2001
Time: 07:43:03
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hello, I've just had second (and hopeefully last) hip surgery last saturday..

I was one of the special recipients of the "dirty" cup part, the one that had lead many to believe they were stuck with pain for life..

I originally had a total hip done late in 99 is why I was diagnoised with having permanant nerve damage as a result of the first operation until the great? news was heard about around the first of this year...not to mention not being able to work since then and all that changes in your life do to this type of event...

To make a terribly boring and long story short..Im feeling like Im finally on a road to full recovery...which is a state of mind I never thought was possible since I was told "this is as good as it gets dave, time to get on with your life" (no comment) I'd like to mention I met what seems to me to be a straight shooter attorney, I say that becuase of his immediate response to me and his uplifting candor he displayed when we first met at my home a few weeks ago.. Im thinking if anyone out there is in a similar situation to the one I am, then you would be possibly missing important information as to your rights and what you are entiltled to for your pain and suffering if you did'nt give Thomas Schrag (510 849 1618) a call to discuss your situation with him about Sultzer co.and their commitment to resolving this issue with us... best wishes and good luck to you all

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