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From: Robbie
Date: 09 Feb 2001
Time: 03:28:09
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Jeff, you asked about my leg legnths. Get this, I had to go to the city hospital because I ran out of insurance. Well, the city hospital has the residents doing alot of the operation, anyway there was some cofusion, and they thought that my opertive leg was a little shorter, when actually it was slightly longer than the other leg. So being the kind surgeons that they are they were going to even me up, by lengthing my operative leg, now I am one inch longer on my opertive leg. Im tall dark and handsom on one side, and short and fat on my other side. I called Biomet, and they never heard of the cliking noise, and they claim you should not have groin pain after surgery. They faxed me a release form so they can get my medical records. They seem generally concerned. Maybe they are afraid the have the same problem as Seltzer. I called Seltzer, and they are not even really sure what has caused the implant problem. They are assuming that it was this oily residue on the asatablum that prevented the bone adhesion, but they dont understand why only a small percntage of peolpe are havig problems. My new plan is to quit complaining, and wait until my 6 month x-ray. I have a feeling that it will show a seperation between the bone and the asatablum.

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