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From: (meo)
Date: 11 Feb 2001
Time: 13:09:37
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I am a 45 year old male with a past history of perthes in right hip.In 1999 I sustained an injury yo my right knee,totally destroying an already weakened anterior cruciary ligamenent.After this incident I had x-rays taken by my family physician due to some discomfort in the hip.These films showed that my hip was not normal(big surprise,ha ha)but that I still had a relatively round altho thin layer of cartilage existing on the head of my femur.After continuing to work in increasing discomfort due to the instabilit of my knee I sought therapy,then a brace and finally re-construction of the knee in june of 2000 .During the period leading up to the knee surgery it became increasingly difficult to work walk etc. without at least the aid of a cane.During the difficult time I noticed grabbing and severe pain in the entire leg which I thought was due to the knee.After my knee surgery at the tme I should have been able to resume walking without crutches I found I still had the same pain and grabbing even though my knee instability was much better.Upon further examination including x-rays of the hip the hip x-rays showed very severe deterioration of the femur head.In conclusion to this story I and a hip specialist feel this rapid destruction of the hip was directly related to the knee injury due to not even one year of time having elapsed between these two incident.The end results were a knee reconstruct in june of 2000 and a thr in . december of 2000.If any one else has had a similar circumstance please email me.p.s hip seems to be doing fine and thank god for totally hip. meo 02-10-01

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