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right hip dislocation

From: SArah Lionheart
Date: 11 Feb 2001
Time: 13:24:55
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Jan 29th 2001 I went sledging and dislocated my right hip. It was absolute obliterating agony.

The rescue operation took three and a half hours and it took 6 and a half hours before the hip was put back in.

I was on traction for a week and then encouraged to het up on crutches,. Three weeks later I was told to do partial weight bearing. Five days after that I experienced bad pain in the hip again and am now on bed rest again..I get no physiotherapy and no one seems to know much about hip dislocation. Remember I am English and this is all under the NAtinal Health Sytem which is failing badly in this country! I am feeling pretty low, I would like to talk to some one who has gone through this. I am a yoga teacher and I do not know how long it will take before I can teach again.

My husband and young children are doing all they can to keep our family life going. But we don't know how long this will take. It has been six weeks up until now and I am in more pain now than I was when I llfet hospital. Do get in touch. I would sincerely appreciate that. Sarah

I am

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