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""Now is thu time,""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

From: Charlie.X
Date: 13 Feb 2001
Time: 15:55:04
Remote Name:


Here Cindy Dibernardo,, shall we confer, rite here, you have my heart, heart2heart: "What do you think, need eye say now is thu time, you know ove this, Hillary Clinton, hill30, how are you about meeting with Hillary Clinton, women 2, women, history is true, this is history, info, 2, see somthing thats even better, just like pennutbutter, and jelly, that will all ways be, on golden ponds, they are all ways, rite above our heads they see every thing, that we as humans try 2, hid, like for this, some one was to want to kill some one, and they do, but, "Jehovah God, and his son," Jesus Christ, see every thing from day one,as far as back as, the days ove Noah, when, (Can kill Able) now is thu time is good, its not about stubby bushes, stubby bushes will all ways be, crime and guns will not be part ove the, future that is rite in front ove ous, when we live in A, world, where time shifts from dark to light, space and the way we see it, remains thu same, winter comes and goes, life comes and goes, one day the one's we love and miss, will walk once more, now is thu time, is about, that nock, that every do, not want any thing to do with, nock, nock, stick around, tick around, fate, fate is what we want life to confer out in to each others heart 2, heart, that nock that comes, has it ever come 2, your door, the, !!Jehovahs Witness,!! that is where the key 2, your future is, ask them questions,as they, come once moore,and they will, moore, moore, moore, moore, moore, moore, this is very, deepp, that day will be very deepp, that day will come, one day our love ones will be able 2, say who kill me and what for, every stone will be look under, """"VAH,"""" see every thing, Jehovah God, Exodus 6:2,3-Psalm 83:18, email back 2, me and say what you think because, when they do come it will be to late 2, say, may eye have A, free home bible studie, hi um, one ove Jehovahs Witness, may "I' take up A, we bit ove your, time, see how that sounds, most, people when they here that, they, say, eye got my own faith, and they do, say what you thing, !!Cindy Dibernardo,!! for sake, "I' will not for sake you does that sound about rite, come on lets play hard boll, that will all ways, be, after the, fate fat lady sings, sing 2, me A, sing sing song, the reall stone cutter is coming. Charlie.X 20002 DRIFTDEADLOCK 30 ASAP SEVEN TFI PS434 314 DRIU V0.2 A.K.A 2-13-20001

Last changed: February 13, 2001