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Strep Infection After My THR

From: Heather
Date: 13 Feb 2001
Time: 23:52:41
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I'm back in the hospital! I started running a fever on Feb 9th. Just shy of 2 weeks after surgery. It got up to 103 degrees. I was admitted back into the hospital with an oozing red incision. The infection was marching quickly. I had just been in to have my staples removed 3 days earlier and it was clean then. I didn't respond to antibiotics at first so I had to go back into surgery to have it opened and cleaned. Doc said their wasn't much inside; it looked pretty good he said. After Sunday I am much better. I'll be doing the IV antibiotics till Friday most likely. Just sitting here racking up a hospital bill. Luckily my husband brought his laptop for me to occupy some time and post on my favorite site. I'm also the one with nerve damage and a numb right foot after surgery. I'm only 27 and everyone said this would be a breeze for me. This has been anything but a breeze!

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