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Re: Hip socket fracture

From: Debi Hibbeln
Date: 18 Feb 2001
Time: 17:08:39
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Wow! Gabor! It sounds like you are LUCKY TO BE ALIVE and you should remember that! I found this sight searching on the internet because my mother-in-law had a somewhat similar accident that didn't seem severe enough to really cause any problems, but did! She stumbled over a piece of luggage at the Detroit, Michigan airport and fell. Her pregnant daughter bundled her into the car (she was too stubborn to take an ambulance!) and took her to a medical center. Now we've found out that she shattered the entire posterior wall and column of her acetabulum. All the physicians have been saying "But you fell off a ROOF, right?!" They can't believe she did it just stumbling and falling! She is scheduled for surgery in 2 days. We are getting good statistics though. 38% have excellent recovery with no limitations, 45% have good recovery but have limits on extreme sports. That we can live with! How are you doing now? Debi Hibbeln Rochester, Michigan, USA

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