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Re: Total Hip Replacement

Date: 19 Feb 2001
Time: 06:55:10
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Just was going over the hippie boards and found your letter. I'm 47 and had a left THR last March. I also had terrific pain in my left knee!! What happens is the nerves are all compressed and under tremendous stress from the degeneration of the hip socket and they send the pain signal anywhere they can..which for alot of us is our knee. On particularly bad days I had pain from mid-thigh to the outside of my ankle.

The good news is that my THR worked just like a charm!! You will continue to have referral pain in your leg for a few months after the procedure, but not as intense and much shorter in duration. That's because the nerves are so jangled and upset that they continue to send out the pain signal even tho they no longer have anything there to agitate them...(if only my dog would learn his tricks as well as our nerves do!!)

I had the Sulzer non-cemented implant, which means the sides of the implant are rough..rather like an emery board and your bone will actually adhere to the sides and makes for a much stronger and durable replacment.

I've never been sorry I had the operation, and my life is back the way it was before I had all the pain and all the drugs. I'm out walking and shopping and enjoying myself, and I don't have the constant nag of relentless pain preying upon me. If you're patient, and do what the physical therapists tell you, you'll be just fine! You're the only one who can heal yourself, and that's best done thru exercise, good diet and vitamins and daily converstions with God. If God carried a wallet,he'd have a picture of each and everyone of us in it and proudly tell his peers of what we've endured and how we came out on top!!!

If I had to have another THR I wouldn't hesitate a moment, in my case it was the best thing I've ever done as far as regaining quality of life. Let me know how you're doing. God Bless. And, don't be afraid to ask Him/Her for help and support.

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