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Re: Hip infections--the wait

From: Laurie @
Date: 26 Feb 2001
Time: 15:13:28
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I have been reading re: your hip story thus far - Hip replacement done Dec.'99. "seemed" to go ok, even tho after re-hab and physical therapy, was still limping. Thought I was progressing, but in Sept/Oct. started to have pain im the muscles, it seemed. Went back to OS, and he said looked fine, see another Dr., this is not the problem...Well, after going Dr after Dr. the OS calls in FEB! telling me of re-call on hip. Apparently I have the infamous Selzer appliance. He still is indicating that is not the problem and I am now going through a battery of tests,ie., bone scans, gallium tests, searching for infection. My results should be in by Friday, 1st week in March. Seems like I have been going through a revolving door for the past four months. The pain at times is unbearable, I can hardly walk/sleep, and feel I am in worse condition than I was before surgery. My symptoms are exactly like the "re-call" patients ones. It is so depressing. I still don't know if it's "infection" or the recalled hip for sure. Were/are the symptoms similar???

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