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Re: THR Nerve Damage & Numb Foot Getting Painful

From: Cheryl
Date: 18 Mar 2001
Time: 19:27:15
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Heather, I had left THR back in June of 2000. My left leg was almost 2 inches shorter than my right leg. My surgeon told me that he would try to make the legs "even", but could not promise that he could make it happen. Well, he was able to get the left leg within millimeters of being the same length as the right, but I paid the price for about 2 months. Because of the stretching of the muscles (he described it as a rubber band being stretched to its maximum), the sciatic nerve made my entire left leg and foot numb. The only relief that I could get was if someone massaged by leg and foot. To me, the numb leg and foot was the most painful experience of the entire surgery and recovery process. But the good news is, the pain finally went away after about 2 months and the muscles and nerves have adjusted to the stretching. Hope that tidbit of info will be helpful and comforting!!

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