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Hip Dysplasia

Date: 08 May 2001
Time: 03:27:53
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Hi there, I have hip dysplasia, however I don't know if there's a difference between CHD and Developmental Hip Dysplasia (either way it's still painful!) Do any of you with hip dysplasia know of any good books to read or websites to learn more about it? I have had arthroscopy to clean the hip ball up as it has got totally out of shape now due to the arthritis. I know I will most likely need an osteotomy, but I'm looking into other ways as well as I'm sure most of you with it have as well. I am in Australia at the moment as I left America a few months ago so I am no longer in contact with all the doctors who've known about my case. I don't know of any good ones here at the moment, so I thought I could read up on Hip Dysplasia in the meantime. Thanks for any info, it is good reading this site as I know I'm in good company. Julie

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