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Options for THR--stories please

Date: 06 Sep 2001
Time: 14:39:32
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Hi there--

It is really exciting to see this website. It gives me hope. I am a 38 woman and was diagnosed with AVN in the hips when I was 34. Now I have AVN in the L knee, and possibly the right knee and wirst. I am having MRIs tomorrow to check.

I have had bilateral core decompressions and finally a vascularized fibular graft 1 yr 4 months ago in the left hip. Unfortunately it does not seem to be working. I am really bummed out and the pain is back with a vengence. What is hurting is a blurr. Is it the knees? wrist? mostly the hip these days.

I am (was) a very active person and it is really hard again. I am trying to determine what to do and would like any words of advice from people my age who like high activity and have made a choice on what to do with their hips and if they are satisfied.

I am scared of a THR but am nearly desperate and simply want the damm thing out.

Tell me what you have done and how it feels 6months, one year and more later.

So many thanks Alexandra

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