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Re: Options for THR--stories please

From: Joyce C.
Date: 09 Sep 2001
Time: 23:18:54
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There are a number of choices and what you need to find is a good orthopedic in your area. If you mentioned where you are I forgot so please let us know. Go to discussion board one if you have not done so and you will find different postings and you can also ask your question to get more varied responses. I have had both hips replaced and have bone grafts now whereas early on I had a cemented one and the other had bone glue. Both failed for me but the bone grafts are doing well. I've had the stem in place on one for almost 17 years and have only had to have the cup revised. Many are choosing the ceramic on ceramic which is great. I have a friend who has what you have (mine is osteoarthritis) and he had cermic on ceramic and he is very outgoing and athletic and has rebounded wonderfully! YOu will have some limitations but its amazing what you can do afterwards. I love to swim and do pool excerices plus I teach first grade at a school in Nashville and I'm on the top of 3 floors and I navigate stairs daily as well as keep active teaching. I wish you well as you try to find what is best for you. Again, I encourage you to go to discussion board one and post your question and let people share their stories. best wishes to you! Joyce C. (by the way, I'm only 44 and I've had 4 replacements and a revision but I'd do again in a heartbeat to be where I'm at now)

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