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Re: Leg Perthies

From: I was diagnosed when I was 5.
Date: 25 Sep 2001
Time: 12:56:02
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I to had the same thing happen to me around age 5. I was in the hospital for a year with a full body cast from my neck to toe... with my legs spread apart with a wooden pole between them to keep them spread. For one year. I went from that to laying around my house for another year in the same cast and then when it was removed.. I was crippled for another year until I taught myself to walk again. After that I had to use a walker for another 6 months.

It did stunt my growth. I was supposed to be 6' but I am 5'9". My right leg is a half inch shorter because of it, but oddly enough I developed a strength in my legs that was not normal for someone with leg perthies. In fact, they couldn't explain it. I was a little kid but I had twice the strength in my legs than before.

I could dunk a basketball, run faster than anyone in my high school, and I won several physical fitness competitions.

So.. I may be in the luck category but whoever has leg perthies.. don't let it stop you.

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