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Continued pain following THR

From: Christine
Date: 30 Sep 2001
Time: 10:30:25
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I had THR of left hip 2/18/2001. My experience was horrible! Pain was excruciating. Even morphine did not help. Recovery has been slow. Mine was due to a fall on some concrete steps. The hip did not break, but apparently there was some osteoarthritis there that I was unaware of. Mine was also a Workers Comp since I fell at work. Because all treatment was handled by Workers Comp, I have the feeling I did not receive optimum medical care. For one thing, the doctor never communicated with me; he only communicated with the insurance carrier and case worker. I was in the hospital five days; he visited me twice to ask how I was doing. Following surgery, I lost weight, couldn't eat, and did not have a period for two months. I was weak and pale, so I'm sure I was anemic (I received no blood transfusion during surgery). The doctor did not order blood tests or anything; he merely suggested that I see a doctor and have a complete physical. I have had only one x-ray since surgery, and that was two weeks following surgery at the time my staples were removed.

I am 47 years old, and I am small boned. I'm 5'8 and weigh 120 pounds. I was told that my lack of excess body fat was a good thing, as overweight people have more difficulty with THR.

It is now 7 months post-op, and I still have a LOT of pain at site of incision, buttock, and it is progressing to the groin. I still cannot lay on my left side. I limp badly and I was given a 43% permanent disability rating, yet my doctor stated in his notes to the insurance carrier (who pays his fee) that "my gait is normal" and "range of motion is equal to right" hip. As a result, the insurance carrier has closed out my case.

Is this kind of medical care normal? Do other doctors order only one x-ray immediately following surgery and no more?

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