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Re: Recoverring hippee

Date: 04 Oct 2001
Time: 21:28:50
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Hi John, What tipped me over the edge was the pain at night. When I could no longer sleep through the night, and could not walk without a cane... it was time to do the surgery. I have "valgous" hips, which is really just an odd shape. Instead of a flare like most people, mine just come down straight. This caused arthritis over the years. My surgeon had me hold out for about 10 years. He encouraged me to try every intervention before the surgery because I was so young. He didn't want me to have to do the surgery again in 15 years.Finally after NSAIDS, pain killers and the cane, I was begging for the surgery. Nowadays the technology is much more advanced, and the prosthetic joint he used may last my lifetime. The recovery is slow and arduous, however that horrible arthritic pain was gone the moment I came out of surgery. I just finished my outpatient therapy, and I just have some tender achiness in my thigh when I walk up stairs. My surgeon says that is common for up to a year post- op. I too was very active. I was a great tennis player and I feel that I will play agin. Hopefully ski too! It sounds like you haven't had the surgery yet. If you have pain in the night...I say go for it! It is a remarkable surgery. I feel like a whole new person. I am ready to live again. I just don't think my range of motion will ever be like it was with the original joint. I will live with that. I am finally getting my shoes and socks on by myself! Let me know how you do. Elyse

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